Any individual who holds to any standard of exemplary nature in our “way of life of resistance” is in a difficult situation. On the off chance that you state, for instance, that homosexuality is a depravity, premature birth is murder, sex outside of marriage is a wrongdoing, or that Jesus is the best way to paradise, prepare to be marked. You will be classified as “narrow minded,” on the grounds that bigotry isn’t endured in our way of life. You may likewise be marked as close-disapproved, in light of the fact that our way of life isn’t liberal to any individual who is “close-disapproved.” You might be censured for being basic. Furthermore, you will most likely be marked as heartless, on the grounds that our way of life just detests individuals who aren’t “cherishing.” They should begin putting guard stickers on their vehicles that state, “I Do Not Tolerate People Who Are Intolerant.”

Regularly, the individuals who are not tolerant of “narrow minded” Christians even refer to the Bible to refute how prejudice is. “Judge not!” they quote Jesus as saying. They understand Christ’s words to imply that nobody has the privilege to make an ethical evaluation of any other individual. In this manner, in any case, they cause an ethical examination of those whom they to blame for making moral evaluations. In the event that you say,”Homosexuality isn’t right,” they state, “Don’t pass judgment!,” and in the process they carry out the very wrongdoing of which they see you as liable.